About MyGrow Fabrix


Founder's Story

My vision for MyGrow Fabrix came about during my time at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. As a community social psychology graduate student, I already had a passion and care for the way people interact in society. It was my passion at home that motivated me to learn about the social aspects of the environment and how it interacts with us.


As a fellow,  passionate gardener I began noticing problematic issues with maintaining a garden and how toxic chemicals can have negative effects on the environment. I decided to take Botany, Bontany lab and environmental health that opened my eyes to the damage we do to the environment, but also how to use organic and natural plant derived chemicals to grow plants.

Justin Simone

Founder and CEO

MyGrow Fabrix Team

Justin Simone

Founder and CEO

Ben Chaco

Research and Development Director

Our Company
Environment & Sustainability
Cabin by the Lake

We are a family company determined to rid some of the many problems with gardening that we face daily as gardeners ourselves. We care about the environment with such passion and are devoted to creating, new innovative products that are safe and non toxic for the environment.

Our core values and principles of this company is to sustain and care for the environment. Our products will either be recyclable or biodegradeable. We hope that our fabrics will provide a safe and alternate way to grow plants and increase microbe activity through the biodegradation of our natural fabrics.

Research & Development Strategies
Brand Strategy

We began researching and developing our ideas back in 2019. As a a current graduate student at UMass, Lowell, I hope to continue to research plant biology and how we can make natural compounds work for us and the plants.

Future Concepts

The future is open for new, innovative products of fabrics that could be beneficial for the environment and the plants themselves. Equipment needs for reducing time cultivating and decrease work will be a major part of our research and future concepts.