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Who is MyGrow Fabrix, Inc.?
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As fellow gardeners, we noticed problems in the gardening community through conversations and our own personal experience that we wanted to solve. As we further discussed the problematic issues pertaining to gardening, I decided and wanted to start a business that could reduce costs, cultivating time and improve efficiency, all while considering the effects on the environment and sustainability.

We are a smart fabric and fabric pot company for horticultural and agricultural means. Our smart fabrics use microencapsulation technology which contain a natural derived organic plant based compound that increases growth and yield of plants through biological pathways. Our fabrics are functional in themselves as an alternate to traditional nutrient feedings. In addition, our fabrics are custom designed to sustain and protect the environment being safe and non-toxic.



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MyGrow Fabrix Tops DifferenceMaker,

UMass, Lowell

April 17, 2020

“Although the moment was captured virtually, I could feel the pride, excitement and the pure sense of the accomplishment of a job well done when I got to tell Justin he and his team were the winners,” Brian Rist said, who added MyGrow Fabrix “checked off multiple boxes” for him as a judge. “As an entrepreneur, I am always searching for new and unique – but practical – solutions that solve problems and can be transformed into a marketable product.”


Brian Rist ’77, Manning School of Business,

UMass Lowell

President and CEO, The Smart Companies


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What Sets Us Apart?

Our strong passion, experience and research for gardening are our driving forces to excell in our manufacturing of horticultural and agricultural products, all while providing exceptional customer service.

Our products are innovative that care and consider the impacts on the environment. We strive to create and design products with the environment in mind, meaning, non toxic, organic and natural ways of improving plant growth and the environment.

In addition to designing products with the environment in mind, we consider and value how to sustain our products and the environment. Our fabrics are designed specifically to be eco-friendly, recyclable,reusable and or biodegradable. We strive to create the most productive products pertaining to horticulture and agriculture, as well as, providing quick and informative customer service possible.

Committed to Quality Products and Service

A Massachusetts based company that works with other local and New England companies. We continue to keep business within the US, whether its creating, designing and or manufacturing our products.

Our fabrics and fabric pots are created with strong and lasting polypropylene or with natural hemp encapsulated with an organic compound to enhance growth and yield all while enhancing soils through biodegration and the increase of microbes into the dirt or soil.

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