MyGrow Fabrix Pots

Design & Utility Patent Pending

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Benefits of Fabric Pots vs Plastic Pots

  • Stronger, healthier plants and starts

  • Less growing media needed*

  • Improved overall root structure (more root tips)

  • Decreased risk of transplant shock

  • Better use of water and nutrients

  • Promotes beneficial biology

  • Quicker Growing times

  • Elimination of root wrapping (circling) in pots

  • Fewer transplants required

Multi-Functional Fabric Pots



Multi-functional fabric pots that offer all of the benefits of a fabric pot plus more. Our pots not only increase root aeration and growth, but can be used to shake and mix your composite soils directly in the pot. In addition, there is an on board tie-down system for branches to increase light directly to the flower or bud site.