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Planting Plants
Tiny Green Plants

The quality of our fabrics have specific specifications catered to preserving the environment and sustaining it. Backed by US companies providing high quality materials.


Specifically designed in Massachusetts, our products come from a group of gardeners who notice the problems with growing. With our educational background, we will continue to design innovative products


All of our materials are from reputable companies within the United States. The materials or fabrics can be reused and are recyclable or natural and biodegradable.

Design & Utility
Patent Pending
Design & Utility
Patent Pending
MyGrow Fabrix Pots

The fabric pot maintain the benefits of other fabric pots, such as root aeration etc., it has an on-board tie down system, measuring lines, can be used to shake and mix composite soils. By design, it can be available in an organic and biodegradable fabric that can be placed directly into the ground, safe for the environment or as a reusable, recycable fabric pot.

MyGrow Functional Fabrix

Our smart fabrics are innovative, and smarter than other fabrics for agricultural and horticultural means, as a way to decrease use of synthetic chemicals and hormones and aide in increasing growth and yields. The fabric may be used as a burlap sack for plants outsides, instead of what’s available now and can be layered on or in soil, for roots can penetrate it for direct absorption of the compound.

Nutrients and Equipment

Future products for gardening such as micro and macro nutrients and more... coming soon.

Future Concepts

Future concepts will incorporate other fabrics that may increase yield and growth using natural and organic compounds. We currently have other ideas of equipment that will help with gardening too.